Welcome to the website of the First Brazilian Colloquium on High-Impact Research and Publication which will take place on April 14-16, 2010 at the Albert Einstein Hospital in São Paulo, Brazil. 

The goal of this Colloquium is to bring together researchers, students, editors of high-impact journals, of Brazilian journals, international editing services and editing schools, and science policy makers and funding agencies to examine the current state of scientific publication by Brazilian authors and to identify and explore new directions and perspectives that result in publication in higher-impact journals.

With this Colloquium we expect to be able to better understand the acceptance criteria adopted by some of the journals with higher impact and learn what it takes to publish in these journals. Also, we want to look into the common faults made by non-native English authors, what we should avoid, what can be improved, what resources are available in other countries to help non-native English authors like us deal with writing and publishing in a second language. Finally, we want to discuss how we should invest our time, resources and energy to better prepare our researchers and increase the chances of having a manuscript accepted in a high-impact journal.

We hope that you join us in São Paulo to discuss these most timely and relevant issues related to scientific publication.

Dr. Luiz Vicente Rizzo
Executive Director,
Albert Einstein Jewish Institute for
Education and Research

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