3D Cat Anatomy Software


The 3D Cat Anatomy Software (desktop version) is designed for students, teachers, veterinary clinics and pet shops. It allows view the anatomy of cat's internal systems, either one by one or in any combination of systems, at multiple angles and zoom levels.


Cat veterinary anatomy


3D Cat Anatomy software. Biosphera’s innovative 3D software demonstrates the various internal systems of a virtual domestic cat (Felis catus). The software is designed with students, teachers, veterinary clinics and pet shops in mind and allows the cat’s internal systems to be viewed layer by layer. A single layer can be viewed or multiple layers can be viewed simultaneously.

All layers can be viewed from all angles and at various zoom levels.

(Click here for a list of the available anatomical components)

The software is available in English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, German, Japanese and Latin.


Veterinary Anatomy - Cat skin with anaotmical planes - Felis Catus
veterinary Cat anatomy - Muscles
veterinary cat anatomy: all internal systems with no skin and no muscles
3d cat anatomy of digestive system
3d feline skeleton anatomy
domestic cat nervous system anatomy
3d cat circulatory system - anatomy of arteries and veins
Veterinary Cat Anatomy - respiratory system
3D cat head anatomy
cat anatomy of reproductive system
Veterinary cat anatomy - urinary and genital male systems
Interface of 3D Cat Anatomy software


Current version: 1.30
File format: .exe installer for PC Windows and .app zipped for Apple OSX
File size: 37.3 mb for PC Windows / 49.7 mb for Apple OSX
Important: The Software is intended to be a supplemental educational resource and should NOT be used as the only source of educational information, nor should the Software be used as medical/veterinary advice or for medical/veterinary diagnoses.

» The software is compatible with Apple Mac OSX 10.8 or above and Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
» The link to download the software and the serial number will be sent by email after payment approval
» Each software license can be used on one computer for one user
» The software requires an internet connection in the first run and runs offline from then on
» Languages: English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, German, Japanese and Latin.
» Touchscreen support for the Windows version
» Support is available in English and Portuguese only
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List of all structures of the software
the strutures with * have images – click to view

Full system image*
Atlas (C1)
Axis (C2)*
Cervical Vertebrae*
Thoracic Vertebrae
Lumbar Vertebrae
Caudal Vertebrae
Xiphoid Process
Ulnar Carpal Bone
Intermedioradial Carpal Bone
Carpal Bones
Accessory Carpal Bone
Metacarpal Bones
Central Tarsal Bone
Tarsal Bones
Metatarsal Bones
Proximal Phalanx
Middle Phalanx
Distal Phalanx

Full system image*
Frontal Bone*
Incisive Bone
Lacrimal Bone
Nasal Bone
Keratohyoid Bone
Epihyoid Bone
Stylohyoid Bone*
Ethmoid Bone
Occipital Bone*
Palatine Bone
Parietal Bone*
Presphenoid Bone
Pterygoid Bone
Temporal Bone
Thyrohyoid Bone
Zygomatic Bone*
Basihyoid Bone
Keratohyoid Bone
Basisphenoid Bone
Interparietal Bone
Canine Tooth*
Incisive Tooth
Premolar Tooth
Molar Tooth

Respiratory system
Full system image*
Hyoid Apparatus
Arytenoid Cartilage
Cricoid Cartilage
Thyroid Cartilage*
Bronchial Tree*
Lung – Accessory Lobe
Lung – Cranial Lobe
Lung – Caudal Lobe*
Lung – Middle Lobe

Reproductive / Urinary system
Full system image – male*
Full system image – female*
Adrenal Glands
Urinary Bladder*
Deferent Duct
Glans Penis
Bulbourethral Gland
Seminiferous Tubules
Suspensory Ligament of the Ovary
Uterine Tube
Infundibulum of Uterine Tube
Body of Uterus
Uterine Horn
Urethra Fem.
Cranial Abdominal Mammary Gl.
Caudal Abdominal Mammary Gl.
Cranial Thoracic Mammary Gl.
Caudal Thoracic Mammary Gl.*
Inguinal Mammary Gland

Circulatory system – Heart
Full system image*
Right Atrium
Left Atrium
Right Ventricle
Left Ventricle
Coronary Sinus
Coronary Arteries

Circulatory system – Arteries
Full system image*
Axillary Artery
Buccal Artery
Angular Labial Artery
Caudal Auricular Artery
Rostral Auricular Artery
Cranial Interosseous Artery
Transverse Cubital Artery
External Ophthalmic Artery
Medial Dorsal Digital Artery II
Lateral Dorsal Digital Artery V
Lateral Palmar Digital Artery V
Palmar Common Digital Aa.
Palmar Proper Digital Aa.
Aortic Arch
Abdominal Aorta
Thoracic Aorta
Superficial Dorsal Arch
Deep Palmar Arch
Superficial Palmar Arch
Deep Plantar Arch
Perforating Branches
Dorsal Rete of the Carpus
Inferior Alveolar Artery
Brachiocephalic Trunk
Subscapular Artery
Dorsal Metacarpal Arteries
Dorsal Metatarsal Arteries
Celiac Artery
Basilar Artery
Cranial Pancreaticoduodenal A.
Caudal Pancreaticoduodenal A.
Hepatic Artery
Caudal Mesenteric Artery
Cranial Mesenteric Artery
Jejunal Arteries
Palmar Metacarpal Arteries
Plantar Metatarsal Arteries
Pulmonary Arteries*
Brachial Artery
Superficial Brachial Artery
Deep Brachial Artery
Superficial Antebrachial Artery
Common Carotid Artery*
Internal Carotid Artery
External Carotid Artery
Median Caudal Artery
Collateral Ulnar Artery
Facial Artery
Lateral Circumflex Femoral A.
Caudal Circumflex Humeral A.
Cranial Circumflex Humeral A.
Common Dorsal Digital Arteries
Proper Dorsal Digital Arteries
Proper Plantar Digital Aa.
Common Plantar Digital Aa.
Dorsalis Pedis Artery
Cranial Epigastric Artery
Caudal Epigastric Artery
Right Gastric Artery
Left Gastric Artery
Gastroduodenal Artery
Right Gastroepiploic Artery
Left Gastroepiploic Artery
Infraorbital Artery
Superior Labial Artery
Inferior Labial Artery
Ileocolic Artery
External Iliac Artery
Maxillary Artery
Femoral Artery
Deep Femoral Artery
Median Artery
Musculophrenic Artery
Occipital Artery
Ovarian Artery
Lateral Plantar Artery
Medial Plantar Artery
Popliteal Artery
Radial Artery
Renal Artery
Saphenous Artery
Saphenous A. – Caudal Branch
Medial Tarsal Artery
Lateral Tarsal Artery
Superficial Temporal Artery*
Testicular Artery
Cranial Tibial Artery
External Thoracic Artery
Lateral Thoracic Artery
Internal Thoracic Artery
Thoracodorsal Artery
Ulnar Artery
Ulnar Recurrent Artery
Subclavian Artery
Lingual Artery
Sublingual Artery
Vertebral Artery

Circulatory system – Veins
Axillary Vein
Azygos Vein
Cephalic Vein
Accessory Cephalic Vein
Femoral Vein*
Deep Femoral Vein
Caudal Femoral Vein
Lateral Circumflex Femoral V.
Occipital Vein
Popliteal Vein
Caudal Auricular Vein
Rostral Auricular Vein
Cubital Median Vein
Cranial Tibial Vein
Caudal Tibial Vein
Splenic Vein
Dorsal Metatarsal Veins
Plantar Metatarsal Veins
Palmar Digital Veins
Plantar Digital Veins
Angular Vein of the Eye*
Hyoid Venous Arch
Axillobrachial Vein
Deep Palmar Venous Arch
Superficial Plantar Venous Arch
Deep Plantar Venous Arch
Superficial Palmar Venous Arch
Cranial Vena Cava
Caudal Vena Cava*
Internal Jugular Vein
External Jugular Vein*
Internal Thoracic Vein
Median Caudal Vein
Pulmonary Veins
Renal Vein
Portal Vein
Brachial Vein
Collateral Ulnar Vein
Subscapular Vein
Facial Vein
Deep Facial Vein
Dorsal Intercostal Veins
Ventral Intercostal Branches
External Iliac Vein
Internal Iliac Vein
Lateral Nasal Vein
Superior Labial Vein
Inferior Labial Vein
Lingual Vein
Maxillary Vein
Median Vein
Omobrachial Vein
Lateral Saphenous Vein
Medial Saphenous V.- Cranial B.
Medial Saphenous V. – Caudal B.
Subclavian Vein
Sublingual Vein
Vertebral Vein
Intercostal Veins
Dorsal External Ophthalmic Vein
Radial Vein
Dorsal Digital Veins
Dorsal Metacarpal Veins
Palmar Metacarpal Veins
Thoracodorsal Vein
Ulnar Vein

Central nervous system
Cerebral Cortex*
Corpus Callosum
Olfactory Bulb*
Olfactory Tract
Optic Nerve
Optic Chiasm
Cerebellar Peduncle
Medulla Oblongata
Trigeminal Nerve
Cerebral Crus
Mammillary Body
Pineal Gland
Spinal Cord*
Cauda Equina

Peripheral nervous system
Full system image*
Aorticorenal Ganglion
Celiac Ganglion
Cranial Cervical Ganglion
Cervicothoracic Ganglion
Cranial Mesenteric Ganglion
Caudal Mesenteric Ganglion
Thoracic Ganglion
Vertebral Ganglion
Abducens Nerve
Accessory Nerve
Auriculopalpebral Nerve
Great Auricular Nerve
Rostral Auricular Nerve
Caudal Auricular Nerve
Auriculotemporal Nerve
Inferior Alveolar Nerve
Axillary Nerve
Buccal Nerve
Dorsal Buccal Branch
Cervical Nerves (1-8)*
Thoracic Nerves (1-13)
Lumbar Nerves (1-7)
Sacral Nerves (1-3)
Caudal Nerves
Long Ciliary Nerve
Medial Antebrachial Cutaneous N.
Lateral Antebrachial Cutaneous N.
Caudal Femoral Cutaneous N.
Lateral Femoral Cutaneous N.
Caudal Sural Cutaneous N.
Dorsal Common Digital Nerves
Proper Dorsal Digital Nerves
Proper Palmar Digital Nerves
Lateral Dorsal Digital Nerve V
Medial Dorsal Digital Nerve I
Medial Dorsal Digital Nerve II
Medial Palmar Digital Nerve I
Common Palmar Digital Nerve
Lateral Palmar Digital Nerve V
Common Plantar Digital Nerve
Lateral Plantar Digital Nerve V
Medial Plantar Digital Nerve II
Proper Plantar Digital Nerve
Greater Splanchnic Nerve
Lumbar Splanchnic Nerves
Ethmoidal Nerve
Facial Nerve
Femoral Nerve
Common Fibular Nerve
Phrenic Nerve
Frontal Nerve
Genitofemoral Nerve
Glossopharyngeal Nerve
Caudal Gluteal Nerve
Cranial gluteal Nerve
Hypoglossal Nerve
Caudal Iliohypogastric Nerve
Cranial Iliohypogastric Nerve
Ilioinguinal Nerve
Infraorbital Nerve
Infratrochlear Nerve
Intercostal Nerves
Schiatic Nerve*
Lacrimal Nerve
Lingual Nerve
Mandibular Nerve
Masseteric Nerve
Maxillary Nerve
Median Nerve
Palmar Metacarpal Nerves
Dorsal Metatarsal Nerve
Plantar Metatarsal Nerve
Mylohyoid Nerve
Musculocutaneous Nerve
Caudal Nasal Nerve
Nasociliary Nerve
Obturator Nerve
Oculomotor Nerve
Ophthalmic Nerve
Olfactory Nerves
Greater Palatine Nerve
Lesser Palatine Nerve
Cranial Pectoral Nerve
Caudal Pectoral Nerve
Lateral Plantar Nerve
Medial Plantar Nerve
Pterygopalatine Nerve
Pudendal Nerve
Radial Nerve
Caudal Rectal Nerve
Saphenous Nerve
Subscapular Nerve
Sublingual Nerve
Suprascapular Nerve
Tibial Nerve
Lateral Thoracic Nerve
Long Thoracic Nerve
Thoracodorsal Nerve
Transverse Cervical Nerve
Trochlear Nerve
Ulnar Nerve
Vagus Nerve*
Vertebral Nerve
Vestibulocochlear Nerve
Zygomatic Nerve
Zygomatic Branch
Zygomaticofacial Nerve
Zygomaticotemporal Nerve*
Adrenal Plexus
Abdominal Aortic Plexus
Brachial Plexus
Ventral Caudal Plexus
Celiacomesenteric Plexus
Lumbosacral Plexus*
Caudal Mesenteric Plexus
Renal plexus
Testicular / Ovarian Plexus
Superior Alveolar Branch
Ventral Buccal Branch
Communicating Branch
Lateral Cutaneous Branches
Ventral Cutaneous Branch
Transverse Facial Branch
Sympathetic Trunk
Dorsal Vagal Trunk
Ventral Vagal Trunk

Full system image*
Frontalis Muscle
Zygomaticus Muscle
Levator Nasolabialis Muscle
Levator Labii Superioris M.
Mylohyoid Muscle
Malaris Muscle
Orbicularis Oculi Muscle
Retractor Anguli Oculi Lateralis M.
Levator Anguli Oculi Medialis M.
Obliquus Capitis Cranialis M.
Obliquus Capitis Caudalis M.
Temporal Muscle
Caninus Muscle
Masseter Muscle*
Orbicularis Oris Muscle
Splenius Cervicis Muscle
Dorsal Scalenus Muscle
Geniohyoid muscle
Rectus Capitis Dorsalis Major M.
Intertransversarii Dorsales Cervicis
Intertransversarii Medii Cervicis
Intertransversarii Ventrales Cervicis
Longissimus Muscle*
Omotransversarius Muscle*
Sphincter Colli Profundus M.
Semispinalis capitis M.
Cleidocephalicus Muscle
Subscapularis Muscle
Sternocephalic Muscle
Sternohyoid Muscle
Supraspinatus Muscle
Supinator Muscle
Infraspinatus Muscle
Latissimus Dorsi Muscle*
Multifidus Muscles
Multifidus Muscles (Cervical)
Levatores Costarum Mm.
Intercostal Muscles*
Acromiodeltoid M.
Spinodeltoid M.
Trapezius Muscle*
Serratus Dorsalis Cranialis M.
Serratus Dorsalis Caudalis M.
Serratus Ventralis Muscle
Rotatores Muscles
Iliocostalis Thoracis Muscle
Iliocostalis Lumborum Muscle
Superficial Pectoral Muscle
Deep Pectoral Muscle
Teres Major Muscle
Triceps Brachii Muscle*
Medial Head of Triceps M.
Biceps Brachii Muscle
Coracobrachialis Muscle
Brachialis Muscle*
Cleidobrachialis Muscle
Pronator Quadratus Muscle
Flexor Carpi Ulnaris Muscle
Extensor Carpi Ulnaris M.
Flexor Carpi Radialis Muscle
Extensor Carpi Radialis Muscle
Common Digital Extensor M.
Lateral Digital Extensor Muscle
Abductor Pollicis Longus M.
Flexor Hallucis Longus M.
Superficial Digital Flexor M.
Deep Digital Flexor M.
Transverse Abdominal Muscle
External Abdominal Oblique M.
Retus Abdominis Muscle
Vastus Medialis Muscle
Vastus Lateralis Muscle
Anconeus Muscle
Psoas Major Muscle
Psoas Minor Muscle
Sacrocaudalis Dorsalis Lateralis M.
Sacrocaudalis Ventralis M.
Sartorius Muscle
Gluteus Profundus Muscle*
Gluteus Medius Muscle
Gluteus Superficialis Muscle
External Obturator Muscle
Internal Obturator Muscle
Tensor Fasciae Latae Muscle
Iliac Muscle
Gemelli Muscles
Adductor Muscle
Pectineus Muscle
Gracilis Muscle
Semitendinosus Muscle
Semimembranosus Muscle
Biceps Femoris Muscle*
Quadratus Femoris Muscle
Rectus Femoris Muscle
Popliteus Muscle
Gastrocnemius Muscle
Fibularis Brevis Muscle
Fibularis Longus Muscle
Cranial Tibial Muscle
Long Digital Extensor Muscle
Caudal Crural Abductor M.
Caudal Intertransversarii Mm.

Cartilages / Ligaments
Atlantooccipital Capsule*
Elbow Joint Capsule
Scapulohumeral Joint Capsule
Coxofemoral Joint Capsule
Temporomandibular Capsule*
Costal Cartilage
Scapula Cartilage
Tympanohyoid Cartilage
Thyrohyoid Cartilage
Xiphoid Cartilage
Intervertebral Discs*
Nuchal Lamina*
Interspinous Ligament*
Intertransverse Ligament
Dorsal Radiocarpal Ligament
Dorsal Elastic Ligament
Radioulnar Ligament
Lateral Collateral Femorotibial Lig.
Sacrotuberous Ligament*
Medial Collateral Femorotibial Lig.
Annular Ligament of Radius
Dorsal Intercarpal Ligament
Dorsal Carpometacarpal Lig.
Lateral Collateral Tarsal Lig.
Elbow Joint Medial Collateral Lig.
Oblique Ligament
Orbital Ligament
Proximal Transverse Ligament
Medial Collateral Carpal Lig.
Supraspinous Ligament
Medial Collateral Tarsal Lig.
Elbow Joint Lateral Collateral Lig.
Plantar Tarsal Ligaments
Lateral Meniscus
Medial Meniscus
Long Digital Extensor Tendon

Lymphatic system
Full system image*
Cisterna Chyli
Thoracic Duct
Lymph Node of the First Rib
Lumbar Aortic Lymph Nodes
Thoracic Aortic Lymph Node
Subiliac Lymph Nodes
Accessory Axillary Lymph Node
Axillary Lymph Nodes
Caudal Deep Cervical Ln.*
Cranial Deep Cervical Ln.
Dorsal Superficial Cervical Ln.
Ventral Superficial Cervical Ln.
Colic Lymph Nodes
Phrenic Lymph Node
Splenic Lymph Nodes
Cranial Sternal Lymph Nodes
Caudal Sternal Lymph Nodes
Internal Iliac Lymph Nodes
Medial Iliac Lymph Nodes
External Iliac Lymph Nodes
Superficial Inguinal Lymph Nodes
Intercostal Lymph Nodes
Mandibular Lymph Nodes
Cranial Mediastinal Lymph Nodes
Caudal Mesenteric Lymph Nodes
Parotid Lymph Nodes*
Popliteal Lymph Nodes
Pulmonary Lymph Node
Left Tracheobronchial Ln.
Middle Tracheobronchial Ln.
Right Tracheobronchial Ln.
Jejunal Lymph Nodes
Hepatic Lymph Nodes
Renal Lymph Nodes
Gastric Lymph Nodes
Pancreaticoduodenal Lymph Nodes
Medial Retropharyngeal Ln.*
Superficial Cranial Epigastric Ln.
Celiac Trunk
Intestinal Trunk
Lumbar Trunk
Tracheal Trunk*
Visceral Trunk

Digestive system
Full system image*
Soft Palate
Hard Palate
Parotid Gland*
Parotid Duct
Mandibular Gland*
Mandibular Duct
Gall Bladder
Hepatic Duct
Cystic Duct
Common Bile Duct
Pancreatic duct
Large Intestine
Anal Gland

This version of the software runs on desktops and notebooks
Versions for mobile devices can be purchased separately: