3D Virtual Cell: Update 2.0 now available!

The 3D Virtual Cell software has been completely repaginated. With a new interface, the software now lets you explore five different cell models: – Animal cell – Plant cell – Euglena – Paramecium – Bacteria In addition, the software also allows interacting with a virtual model of virus (a bacteriophage) and a DNA molecule. Learn […]

bird brain

3D Bird Anatomy Software: release of version 1.0

We would like to thank all customers who bought the 3D Bird Anatomy Software beta version. Today we launched version 1.0, which brings a lot of changes: – Improved appearance of the bones and several organs – Division of the circulatory system into major arteries and veins – Correction of feather’s insertion – More muscles – […]

biology textbook

Our software mentioned in textbook

The 3D Dog Anatomy Software was quoted in the book “Araribá Plus – Science”, by Moderna publisher. This textbook is used by elementary school students in Brazil. In this issue there is a supplementary text about the study of anatomy and the new interactive features that allow to know the anatomy of animals in three dimensions, […]