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3D Bird Anatomy Software: release of version 1.0

We would like to thank all customers who bought the 3D Bird Anatomy Software beta version. Today we launched version 1.0, which brings a lot of changes: – Improved appearance of the bones and several organs – Division of the circulatory system into major arteries and veins – Correction of feather’s insertion – More muscles – […]

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Our software mentioned in textbook

The 3D Dog Anatomy Software was quoted in the book “Araribá Plus – Science”, by Moderna publisher. This textbook is used by elementary school students in Brazil. In this issue there is a supplementary text about the study of anatomy and the new interactive features that allow to know the anatomy of animals in three dimensions, […]

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Canine Anatomy Software update 1.6

We had just launched the 1.6 software update of 3D Canine Anatomy. The nervous system has been completely redesigned! Anatomical planes were also included and now you can view the shape of the structures behind other tissues through a lighted silhouette. If you didn’t received the software update, please contact us. Check out the details […]