3D Dog Anatomy Software Updates

Version 1.9

  • Touchscreen support for the Windows version
  • Inclusion of the “reset” button that allows the 3D model to return to the initial settings
  • Corrections of minor bugs.

Version 1.8

  • When you select a structure with right click it will show the legend
  • Adjustments on the name of some structures
  • Corrections of minor bugs.

dog anatomy update

Version 1.7

  • Inclusion of a few muscles, veins and arteries
  • Transtations to French, Japanese and Spanish included
  • Corrections of minor bugs.


Version 1.6

  • The nervous system was entirely redesigned!
  • Inclusion of a few muscles
  • Pelvis was splitted into isquium, ilium and pubis
  • Now you can view the shape of the structures behind the tissues

botao-claro-escuroInclusion of anatomy planes. To access it, click two times on the background button

sistema nervoso do cão



Version 1.53

musculatura do cachorro

Version 1.5

  • Inclusion of more than 50 structures like muscles and ligaments
  • The muscles button now has three phases
  • Models of the circulatory and lymphatic system now have smoother lines
  • Latin language inserted in experimental mode (no word search and some structures have no subtitles)

– Include new buttons on the interface: navigation buttons (move, rotate and zoom)

botão-rotaçãoRotate the model automatically

botao-qualidadeControl the quality of the models to run the program in a more fluid on slower computers.
This button has three phases: A: automatic quality | Q: high quality | q: low quality

 Version 1.42

  • Lymphatic system included
  • Skull bones and cervical vertebrae remodeled
  • Muscles and ligaments included and reviewed
  • Two new buttons on the interface:

botao-claro-escuroChange the background to a dark color, which helps to visualize bones and ligaments

botão-remove-tudoRemove all structures except the selected ones with left button, in order to quickly visualize one system alone

sistema linfático do cachorro

crânio do cachorro

Version 1.3

  • New shader in the muscles for better look
  • More structures on nervous, circulatory, urogenital systems
  • Bug fixes on the search and caption
  • Teeth remodeled

sistema muscular do cão

Version 1.2

  • Ligaments and joints included
  • One more phase on show/hide button to isolate the ligaments
  • More structures on nervous, circulatory, urinary and genital systems
  • Review and inclusions of muscles
  • Bug fixes on the search and caption

ligamentos e dentes do cão